Solo Nats Goes Back to the 80’s

Break out the neon, leg warmers, and big hair bands – because the Solo drivers went BACK TO THE 80’S for the 2022 Solo National Championships. Another great week, where the racing is amazing, but the people and friends are what truly make this event special.

This year, NER sent 32 competitors to Lincoln, Nebraska and showed, once again, why our region is considered one of the best when it comes to producing competitive solo drivers. 2022 finished with NER claiming 2 National Championship titles as well as 2 ProSolo Series Champions. Four titles is amazing, but it could have been so much more. We had 4 second place finishes (JUST missing that top step on the podium), and four 3rd places as well.

Keeping with the tradition of team t-shirts, NER members were easily spotted around the course in their bright neon-green PAX MAN shirts. Big thank you goes out to Jojo Corrales-Kean for making those. Our drivers also sported NER region logo temporary tattoos.

NER Highlights

  • Ginette Jordan started off taking the lead. But then on the second run her opponent put down a great time. A really fast time. That meant in her last heat, Ginette would have to overcome a half a second deficit. Which she did. Which is what makes her one of the best. And why she now has 14 National Championships (15 if you count a provisional class win!)
  • Tamra Hunt Krystinik became the first woman in 17 years to win an open Pro Solo (and the ONLY woman to will an open ProSolo and a National Championship. She also came within just 0.089 seconds of winning another National Championship in DSP this year. She also finished 10th overall in PAX, the highest placing woman.
  • Mark Daddio took home is 13th National title, beating second place by almost a half a second.
  • Billy Davis also joined in the ProSolo titles by claiming his season championship in STR,
  • Despite multiple mechanical issues during multiple runs, Todd Kean still came in 2nd in SSM in an SM car.
Solo Nats in 100 Pictures
2022 Solo Nats Final Results

2022 Champions

2022 National Champions

D Street: Mark Daddio

Subaru BRZ (13th National Championship, third in class)

F Street Prepared Ladies: Ginette Jordan

Volkswagen Rabbit (14th National Championship, third in class)

2022 ProSolo Champions

Billy Davis

Street Touring Roadster (STR)

Tamra Krystinik

Street 1 (S1)

Class Trophy Winners

Super Street – 5th Place – Pat Salerno

H Street – 6th Place – Mark Panusky

Super Street R – 2nd Place – Grant Reeve

Street Touring Ultra – 3rd place – William Koscielny

Street Touring Ultra – 10th place – Jacob Ronald

Street Touring Roadster – 2nd Place – Billy Davis

Street Touring Sport – 8th Place – Brandon Dryer

B Street Prepared – 5th Place – Brad Fiore

D Street Prepared – 2nd Place – Tamra Hunt Krystinik

Super Street Modified – 2nd Place – Todd Kean

C Modified – 3rd place – Reid Shanabrook

Honorable Mention

G Street Ladies – 3rd place – Melanie Kwong

Street Modified Ladies – 3rd Place – Jojo Corrales-Kean

ProSolo Trophy Winners

Street 2 – 3rd Place – Grant Reeve

Street 3 – 4th Place – Jacob Ronald

Street 3 – 5th Place – Pat Salerno

Photos by Jojo Corrales-Kean

Women on Track

If this year’s results don’t speak loud enough – Ginette Jordan winning her 14th title and Tamra Krystinik being the first woman to win a ProSolo and a National Championship in an open class – NER develops and promotes highly skilled and competitive female autocrossers. Our commitment to getting more women on track, and opening the doors for women to participate in any aspect of motorsports, is near and dear to our hearts.

This year, Jojo Corraeles-Kean and Tamra Krystinik both served on the WoT Comittee and helped host the Ladies Brunch at Solo Nationals. More than 100 women attended to connected with the other ladies drawn to this sport. In addition to free food, swag and prizes, there were breakout groups with bingo games to help connect drivers from across the country.